Off Page Optimization, Link Building and Website Promotion

 You may have a superb website with fantastic content but without visitors this website will only be a collection of files on the web server. You can not count only on search engines to bring visitors because search engines count on links to your website. You have to promote the website, get some off page seo backlinks and consequently reputation. Links to your pages have two effects. The first one is obvious, if they are placed on pages with related content then it is very likely that some visitors will come to your website. The second reason is more important. The number of seo backlinks reflects the popularity of your site and popular sites rank higher so you get more traffic.

To get links to your site is both, pretty easy and on the other hand also very hard. The best starting point is to have quality interesting content. People like interesting content so they create links to it without any intervention. This is natural linking. The second approach needs some work and time. It means posting to forums, blogs, social bookmarking, adding website to directories and writing articles. After you will try all these techniques you will see which method is better, more effective and easier so you could use it more frequently.

There are two very important facts about links since there are different types and they don't have the same value. The first fact is that links from high authority sites with higher PageRank count more than links from unimportant pages. The second fact is that links can be "nofollow". This is a special link attribute that says to Google not to follow this link while crawling web and not to count this link for calculation of the PageRank for the destination page. You may understand this as a total uselessness of nofollow links. You might be wrong. In fact, don't be bothered with this. Every comment backlinks counts.

The first method is posting to forums with related content. For every subject there is some forum about it. Create an account and start contributing. Do not make beginner's mistake by immediately posting a link. Try to be useful. Read forum rules and existing threads and try to answer some questions. Almost every forum has a possibility to add a signature. This is a place where you can add a link to your page. If you will not violate forum rules and your posts will not be considered as a spam but as a useful contribution to the discussion, then with time you will get reputation and your links will have a higher value.

Blogs are similar place when you can discuss related topics and where you can promote your site. Blogs usually have the possibility to add your name and link to your website which will be show in your post. Do not post links to your site if this is not a direct answer to the article. Try to write a comment or your point of view.

Social bookmarking means using Web 2.0--a big collection of various websites where you can create backlinks link building. The principle is the same for all sites. Create an account and then you can post links with descriptions. You can also add your website to web directories. This is a very slow process because the validation process before the link is published takes some time, even few months.

Writing articles is a very popular method to promote your site. You write articles on any subject and publish them at various article directories. Each article can have a resource box where you can briefly describe yourself and add a link or two to your websites.

Off-page optimization is equally important as optimization of the elements on the page. Both contribute to higher rankings in search engines.